Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Character restrictions

The events of the campaign were unfolding rather late in Middle Earth's history, when elves and dwarves  weren't as numerous as they once were, and magic was all but gone. This had to be reflected in the player characters themselves. A full group of elves would have been highly unusual. The easiest way to do this
was to place restrictions on character classes and races.

There were to be at most:

  • one elf per group
  • one (or two?) dwarves per group
  • one caster per group, it's possible that sorcerer wasn't allowed at all, and I'm uncertain about the status of divine casters, bard was most likey the exception
  • ??(possibly no limit) halflings per group
These limitations took place at character creation only. It may seem strange, but one must remember that there was a single group for only a short while. Once groups started branching off, new players( or characters) could chose which group they wanted to join. Regardless of these restrictions people were rarely choosing arcane caster or any race other than human. It must have been the appeal of the extra feat. Which they needed because:

Resurrection was not allowed.

Nobody brought back, say.. Boromir, so I saw no reason why the dead should walk in the campaign. With some minor exceptions very few people ever died anyway.