Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Tolkien Campaign

Many moons ago, me and  my group played a sandbox campaign based on a modified version of the Middle Earth history. We came to refer to it later simply as 'The Tolkien Campaign'. I, as the dungeon master will now attempt to document loose bits of information gathered from memory, and any papers I may still have. That may be challenging, as I can't recall how many years ago it all happened. Suffice to say
it was many many many years ago(possibly the summer of 2005?).

The game system used was dungeons and dragons 3.5, with a good handful of house rules on top. Many, hopefully all will be included and detailed in future posts. The game map itself was your standard Middle Earth map as seen in most Tolkien books.

The story

After the One Ring got destroyed, the orcs and monsters and what have you did not just disappear in puffs of smoke. None of the books I've read clearly detail what exactly happened in the next few years, and that is when the story of this campaign takes place. The one significant difference was that Sauron was not destroyed, but merely banished. This served as a good reason to have an evil influence still looming over the world. Any future canon development beyond this point was ignored for the sake of gameplay.

Many players came and went as this campaign went on, often as many as ten people playing in one sitting(something I do not look forward to managing again). There was no single group, as splinters often formed and joined, adventuring in different corners of the map in the same time. Sadly most of the glorious adventures of the player characters have been lost to the smothering mists of time, but I shall try to present as much of their exploits as I can remember, in parallel to presenting the house rules we used.

Let us begin.